Alix Lynx – Supergirl Falls to the God of War
File Size : 611.98 MB
Resolution : 960×540
Duration : 00:39:35
SUPERHEROINES, DAMSEL IN DISTRESS, BOUND ORGASMS, FEMALE TRAINING, FORCED ORGASMS, SLUT TRAINING, beatdowns, cum in mouth, blowjobs, woman following orders, submissive sluts, throat lift, rough sex, facials, grappling, peril, submissive/slave training, orgasm control, domination, orgasms

Under typical circumstances, Supergirl wouldn’t waste her precious time on a museum robbery. But this was no ordinary museum robbery. Briefed by Wonder Woman on its importance and value, Supergirl hunts down a very unique antique warrior helmet. Finding it in the hands of the war profiteer Diemos, the superheroine is ready to make the recovery a quick ordeal. However, Wonder Woman was too vague in her briefing. Diemos knows more about the helmet than Supergirl, including its historical and mythological significance as the armor of Ares, the Greek God of War and Battlelust. Before Supergirl can grab the gear, Diemos places the helmet on his head. He couldn’t be sure that the legends were true before, but with an otherworldly light, the villain finds himself transformed into the mighty Ares, strength and all. Supergirl may be powerful, but she’s just no match for a god. And soon she finds herself on her knees before him.

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